Bringing up the rear

First, I would like to submit this article for the “best title ever” award. Kudos Tracy Clark-Flory.

Moving on.

In what I can only imagine is a “duh” type of moment for gay men, it’s seems that many straight guys are also enjoying, um, anal stimulation (aka “pegging”) of some variety or another.  Well, that or the stigma of anal play being a “gay thing” is waning enough that more hetero guys are finally starting to talk about it, give it a try and admit to enjoying it.

Clark-Flory warns us to not necessarily read this as a major sign that straight guys have a developed a more fluid understanding of sexual orientation just because they’ve added one sex act to their definition of acceptable straight sex.

Still, as she opines, this “might also have something to do with a  loosening of gender roles and what it means to be masculine.”  I’d say so!  If this is not an example of the changing roles and expectations of men and women, I’m not sure what is.

Says Clark-Flory, “Taboos change, and so do the cultural meanings of particular sexual acts. Just as the gay community has long debated the politics of being a top or a bottom, the hetero world is slowly catching up — or, um, bringing up the rear.”

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