Is the men’s rights movement growing?

This interview with professor Michael Kimmel is an excellent primer on the “men’s rights” movement – what it is and isn’t, what it’s greviences are, and where it diverges from the “father’s rights” movement and the pro-feminist “men’s liberation” groups.  It’s confusing territory, but Kimmel does a wonderful job of disentangling these groups.  “Men’s rights” groups have been getting a good deal of attention in recent months and years, but according to Kimmel, they are predominantly a backlash movement that won’t get a great deal of traction in the long run.

Says Kimmel:

Are [men] going to be dragged into the future, kicking and screaming — like the men’s rights guys — or are we going to go boldly, fearlessly, and say, “What a minute: What’s in this for men?” And what the data clearly shows is that the men who embrace gender equality are actually happier, healthier, live better lives, have better relationships with their friends, their wives and their kids…

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