The Friday Five

This week’s roundup of our favorites from across the interwebs to help you make sense of men and women.

1.  New Marriages or No Marriages? by Nancy Folbre of the Economix blog of The New York Times says that why more children are being born to unmarried mothers is a complex question involving education, income, and the changing roles of men and women.

2. The Sugar Daddy Recession by Laurie Penny of says that the economic downturn has forced some women into arrangements with unsavory men, and made desperation into a fetish.

3. Why Bisexual Women Are TV’s Hot New Thing by June Thomas of looks at three new successful television series with a strong bisexual female character and asks if that’s the new way to build a fan base.

4. Three Ways Sex-Based Discrimination Harms the Economy by Julie Ajinkya on says that challenges to women’s economic participation in the economy exist not only in countries around the world, but also in the United States.

5. How Republicans Completely Misjudged This by Amanda Marcotte on looks at the right’s last-ditch efforts to continue the debate over contraception and women’s health.

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