The Friday Five

This week’s roundup of our favorites from across the interwebs to help you make sense of men and women.

1. More Men Enter Fields Dominated By Women by Shaila Dewan and Robert Gebeloff of The New York Times says that more and more men are starting to see the benefits of jobs long-dominated by women.

2. IUDs Are 20 Times As Effective As the Pill, So Why Aren’t More Women Using Them? by Amanda Hess of GOOD discusses the risks and benefits of IUDs, who’s using them, and why more American women aren’t given the option.

3. Survey Says: Stay-at-Home Mothers Are Not as Happy as Working Mothers by KJ Dell’Antonia of The New York Times Motherlode blog says that Gallup found that employed mothers of young children reported more happiness and less depression than those who chose to stay home.

4. Facebook Comes Under Increasing Fire for Its White-Male Board by Abigail Pesta of The Daily Beast says activists are stepping up a campaign for gender and ethnic diversity on Facebook’s all-white, all-male board.

5. Do Men Find Dumb-Looking Women More Attractive? by Jesse Bering of reports that a new study says yes.

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