The Friday Five

This week’s roundup of our favorites from across the interwebs to help you make sense of men and women.

1. Pinterest’s Gender Trouble by Mary Elizabeth Williams of says as a host of male-centered “pinning” sites arrive, can the female-centric phenomenon continue its success?

2. As Parents, Are Fathers the Second Sex? by Gary Moskowitz of The New York Times Motherlode parenting blog says he feels like an equal parent at home—so why do doctors and day care workers insist on talking to his wife?

3. Ab-Ed Moves Ahead by Tracy Clark-Flory of says that a sexist, anti-gay abstinence-only program quietly gets the Obama administration’s stamp of approval. Why?

4. No Surprise: Men Are Cooking More by Amanda Marcotte of says that a 25-year study of 3,000 Gen Xers has found that men are now making two-thirds of the meals that married women do. They’re also spending more time shopping, watching cooking shows, and talking to friends about cooking.

5. Mike Tyson: Why Do We Forgive Him? by Tricia Romano of The Daily Beast says as the troubled boxer peddles his one-man show and makes appearances around the world, we’re left wondering how a convicted rapist became cuddly.

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