The Friday Five

This week’s roundup of our favorites from across the interwebs to help you make sense of men and women.

1. ‘Roe’ Didn’t Incite The Culture Wars, And Neither Would A Supreme Court Ruling For Marriage Equality by Jill Filipovic of The Nation says the Supreme Court Justices should ask themselves: Does history look kindly upon those who, when presented with important challenges, took the path of least resistance?

2. Men And Women Are Probably Equally Likely To Be Shopaholics by Eleanor Barkhorn of The Atlantic says a new article by Buzz Bissinger—author of Friday Night Lights and a Pulitzer prize-winning reporter—shows that this addiction doesn’t discriminate by gender, no matter what Sex and the City would have you believe.

3. Why Gay Marriage Will Win, And Sexual Freedom Will Lose by Megan McArdle of The Daily Beast says granting gays the right to marry is a move in favor of the traditional construct of marriage and a move away from sexual revolution. (We don’t agree with this take, but it’s incited some interesting debate.)

4. Women Aren’t Even Safe In The Twittersphere by Mary Elizabeth Williams of says when women, like Adria Richard, speak up, they risk the misogynist wrath of those who try to shut them down.

5. What Lies Ahead For The Steubenville Rapists by Meagan Hatcher-Mays of Jezebel says sending teenaged rapists like Richmond and Mays to adult prison does not benefit women. In fact, it puts us at risk if, upon release, they reestablish their prison environment on the outside.

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