The Friday Five

This week’s roundup of our favorites from across the interwebs to help you make sense of men and women.

1. How Can We Jump-Start The Struggle For Gender Equality by Philip N. Cohen of The New York Times says to speed up a slowing move to equality, men will need to move into professions that are traditionally female.

2. The Slow Death Of ‘Traditional’ Families In America by Derek Thompson of The Atlantic says more than 20% of non-college grads are raising their kids alone.

3. ‘Fit Mom’ Lashes Out At ‘Regular’ Women’s Selfies by Mary Elizabeth Williams of Salon says a campaign of ‘normal bodies’ in lingerie inspires the wrath of Maria Kang.

4. The Changing American Family by Natlie Angier of The New York Times says: Same-sex parents. Cohabiting couples. Voluntary kin. Children with parents in prison. Immigrant-Americans. What we thought of as the typical American family is being rapidly redefined. It is more diverse that it was even half a year ago.

5. The GOP’s Late-Term Abortion Strategy Is Backfiring by Sally Kohn of The Daily Beast says: As the Supreme Court announces it will hear a challenge to Obama’s contraception mandate, a study on late-term abortion seekers finds the GOP’s anti-abortion laws are backfiring.

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