The Friday Five

This week’s roundup of our favorites from across the interwebs to help you make sense of men and women.

1. Wall Street Mothers, Stay-Home Fathers by Jodi Kantor and Jessica Silver-Greenberg of The New York Times says for a growing number of women on Wall Street, stay-at-home husbands are enabling them to compete at work with new intensity.

2. American Men’s Hidden Crisis: They Need More Friends by Lisa Wade of Salon says men aren’t making the same kinds of intimate friendships many women have—but they want to.

3. Are Women As Competitive As Men? by Soraya Roberts of The Daily Beast says: It’s an old cliché that women only compete over men and beauty. But what about in the boardroom?

4. New Act Proposes National Paid Family Leave Policy by KJ Dell’Antonia of The New York Times says the proposed Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act offers a way to provide paid family leave to all employees without straining employers or the federal budget.

5. Women Can Rise On Wall Street If Husbands Stay Home. This Is Not Progress by Jessica Grose of Slate says (in response to #1): It doesn’t feel like progress when women can only succeed at the highest levels because they’ve got a stay-at-home spouse. It just feels like the same old story with a gender twist.

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