Topic: female masturbation

  • 7 Myths About Women And Masturbation

    We’re not imagining ourselves in loving relationships, dialogue and all, as we get ourselves off. And we’re definitely not lighting scented candles and applying body lotion to create a sensuous environment. “I think I masturbate more when I’m stressed.” “You masturbate?” This conversation I had with a male friend embodies the surprise a lot of people express when […]

  • Moms Masturbate Too, You Know

    If women masturbating is taboo, then the notion of a mother masturbating is either dismissed as an aberration, or more likely, just not considered. But becoming a mother doesn’t end our personal relationships with our vulvas. Despite a recent Kinsey report that points out that 85% of women masturbate, this popular form of self-love is missing […]