Role Reboot’s Best Of 2014

As 2014 comes to an end, we want to thank you for being part of the Role Reboot community, sharing so many interesting stories and perspectives with us, challenging us, and supporting us.

Before the new year begins, we wanted to took a look back and share with you 10 of our top pieces from this year. Here they are…

10 Simple Words Every Girl Should Learn by Soraya Chemaly

Black And Unarmed: Women And Girls Without Weapons Killed By Law Enforcement by Khadijah Costley White

Hot Guys Don’t Date Big Girls Like Me by Emily Heist Moss

Do You See These 10 Major Everyday Sexisms? by Soraya Chemaly

A Message To Teenage Girls About Summer Dress Codes by Chelsea Cristene

Suicide Isn’t Selfish, Wanting Someone To Live In Pain Is by Preston Mitchum

On Learning My Son Had Down Syndrome by Anne Penniston Grunsted

An Open Letter To The Men Who Still Don’t Understand Street Harassment by Drew Bowling

Why The #AllLivesMatter Folks Have It All Wrong by Chelsea Cristene

An Open Letter To Dr. Camille Cosby by Lynn Beisner