Role Reboot’s Best Of 2016

For most of us, this year can not end soon enough. But before we (happily) shut the door on 2016, let’s take a look back at the year’s most popular Role Reboot essays:

1. Dear Dana: I Can’t Stand That My Girlfriend Had A Threesome by Dana Norris

2. Does Your Daughter Know It’s OK To Be Angry? by Soraya Chemaly

3. Stop Using Women’s Safety To Justify Transphobia by Lindsay King-Miller

4. No, My Kindergartner Will Not Be Doing Your Homework Assignment by Cara Paiuk

5. Why Aren’t We Talking About How Boys And Men Feel About A Woman President? by Soraya Chemaly

6. Baby Clothes Are The Worst: Why We Need Less Gendered, More Inclusive Options by Lindsay King-Miller

7. When Mothers Are Judged For How They Take Care Of Themselves by Amy Monticello

8. Why I’m Glad I Was Raised By A Sex-Positive Mother by Chelsea Cristene

9. If You Care About Women, You Should Care About Bill Clinton by Khadijah Costley White

10. I Gave My Daughter A Boy’s Name, But Would I Give My Future Son A Girl’s Name? by Lindsay King-Miller

Thank you, dear readers, for your continued support this year and every year. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2017!