Former Seahawks Player Who Said Women Are ‘Incapable’ Of Understanding Football Also Racist Conspiracy-Theorist

Moffitt, unimportant though he may be, is a reminder that gross sexism and racism are as American as football.

On Sunday, former Seahawks lineman, John Moffitt, caused a stir online when he defended NFL quarterback Cam Newton’s recent sexist behavior toward sports reporter Jourdan Rodrigue. Not only did Moffitt say he agrees with Cam and thought “it was funny too,” he took it step further declaring women “incapable” of knowing the game. Here’s his Facebook rant in full (because it’s just too good):

Turns out Moffitt, a third-round draft pick who was suspended for violating the NFL’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs, is really just a nice guy. On the website for a podcast he and his two buddies host called Down By Law, the former lineman portrays himself as a sentimental, thoughtful racist:

“John is a human being,” his bio starts, “capable of abstract thought and real emotion. Since leaving the NFL at the age of 27, John has pursued a variety of passions including Radio, television production, and health and fitness. Recently he is perfecting a method of training from his martial arts background called ‘The Yin Method’: The complimentary side to Yang training that emphasizes flexibility, and adds balance to the regimens most people have become accustom. John earned a degree in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin, he remains skeptical as to whether or not race is a social construct. [sic]”

Seriously, you can’t make this shit up.

Given his bio, one can only imagine the types of “abstract thought” and “real emotion” the boys get into on their podcast. A browsing of episode titles reveals a variety of socially-relevant subjects such as, False Flags & The Thing About Sandy Hook and The effects of multiculturalism on today’s society.

Moffitt and his buds seem to have a penchant for weird conspiracy theories and how they relate to their manhood. On his Facebook page, the former professional bench-warmer isn’t shy about his weird anti-feminist/anti-woman views. In August, he shared a video by YouTuber Spetsnaz titled, Male Sovereignty & the Path to Healing in which the narrator claims that, “straight white women in the West are the most privileged class in the history of our species.”

Spetsnaz appears to be a member of the Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) community. Not to be confused with Men’s Rights Activists or MRAs, the MGTOWs are a gender-separatist cult-like part of the manoshpere that are staunchly opposed to romantic relationships with women, especially marriage. They like to throw around the word “gynocentric” a lot – a designation they use to describe the systemic biases and prejudices they believe exist against men (in favor of women). Their philosophy is reflected in Spetsnaz’s videos with titles like The Broken Male & the Female Perpetrator, Male Dehumanization, and The Female Ego.

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that Moffitt, a hand-wringing chauvinist obsessed with “multiculturalism” and “political correctness,” is also racist. Seriously: dude isn’t even sure whether or not biological race is a real thing (see above autobio). In between his uncomfortable existential misogyny on Facebook are pieced racist gems such as these:

Right, because if you’re black and you’re not being brutalized by those sworn to serve and protect you, you should shut up and be grateful, right? I can only imagine Moffitt’s “abstract thoughts” about Colin Kaepernick and black athletes protesting during the National Anthem.

None of this, not the white-supremacist ponderings on race nor the deeply anti-woman sentiment, should be a surprise coming from Moffitt; a 30-something year-old white man raised in America. Moffitt, unimportant though he may be, is a reminder that gross sexism and racism are as American as football.

Jessica Schreindl is a community organizer and freelance writer in Seattle, Washington. She is a contributing writer for and has been published on She graduated with her M.A. from Syracuse University where she studied film history and documentary filmmaking.

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